Getting a legitimate mohawk & 32. Dyeing my hair a funky color.

I have a feeling that 2-for-1 memories will be an extremely rare occurrence, but I intentionally aligned the stars a few weeks ago, and got a complete hair makeover. I had been tempted to get a mohawk for the last 2.5 years, but I never seemed to have the guts to get it done. I never seemed to be able to, well, cut it.

When it came to dyeing my hair a funky color, it had also been something I wanted to do, but struggled to commit to it. Other than my freshman orientation week, when, on a whim, I bleached and dyed my hair fire engine red myself, I had been staring at the same natural brown hair color in the mirror my entire life.

In writing my Memory List, it just felt like it was time to take the plunge with both of these styles. I was simultaneously nervous and excited. Scared and eager. Hesitant and ready.

I reached out to a trusted friend, who has had a funky-colored mohawk for the majority of the time I’ve known her, for some recon. I was planning on doing it myself with Manic Panic, which I knew was vegan. She lovingly pointed me towards Pulp Riot instead, which is also a cruelty-free brand, and she highly recommended that I get the coloring done professionally at a salon. I trust her, whole-heartedly, when it comes to matters of cool hair, so I listened intently and took her advice.

I suppose all this research is the first phase of my memory. Step 2 is when shit gets real, as I sat in the stylist’s chair at a local Sport Clips (a haircut AND sports on TV? Yes, please!), and requested a mohawk. She was excited for me, and explained that she used to sport a mohawk, which she loved. She asked me how wide I wanted the mohawk on the top, and whether I wanted the sides to fade into it, and how short I wanted the sides to be.

I figured if this was going to be a memory I was making, I wanted to make it memorable! I touched my head, just about at my crown, to show her the desired width I was looking for, and gave her the go-ahead to use the clippers without a guard shave the sides off completely, no fade.

I’ve never jumped out of a plane. I’ve never bungee jumped. But, I can now say I’ve had my head shaved into a full-fledged mohawk. Same thing, right?

The final stage of this memory, was getting it dyed. I reviewed the Pulp Riot options, and the Aquatic color caught my eye. So did Jam. Decisions, decisions.

In the research phase, my friend suggested the possibility of getting Aquatic blended with Nightfall. I Googled what that could look like, and yes, I liked that! The coloring stylist (at an official salon, and not Sport Clips) agreed, and that’s the combo we went with. Here’s the final result:

So, do I like the new look? Honestly, I don’t feel I’m “punk” enough for the mohawk. I don’t think I need to get that do again. But the color is a completely different story! I’m already thinking about what color to get next, and Jam is still enticing. I’m also open to recommendations, so leave a comment!

Follow along and make memories.


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