Getting a hole-in-one while mini golfing.

When it was time to add items to my Memory List for this year, I distinctly remember adding this one. It was one that made me smile, because it was one that my inner child was happy about.

Some memories are on the list because the adult in me wants to have them accomplished. Some of them are specifically catered towards making Little Mindy laugh. And playing mini golf was always an enjoyable activity as a kid.

I remember there was an incredible putt-putt course outside of town growing up. It was out near the highway, and since we needed a car to get there, I was completely dependent on the adults in the family to take me. I loved that course, even though I can’t remember sinking a single hole-in-one. Maybe that’s what kept me wanting to go back; it was the challenge of it all. The hurdle I never overcame.

Maybe that’s why I added this particular memory. It wasn’t enough to simply go play mini golf. I wanted the memory of actually getting a hole-in-one. Jotting it down as one of the bullet list items, I felt I was pressing my luck. But I figured, what’s the worst that will happen? I’d have to write a blog post that I played the course, had a good time, but oh shucks! I only managed to get an eagle on the par 3 fifth hole. Didn’t seem too bad a post a write.

Surprisingly, though, I write this post with good news! Not only did I get my hole-in-one, I actually sunk two of them that evening! The friend I went with would be happy to testify to that fact. She was just as surprised and excited as I was!

Both adult me and Little Mindy are happy that this is now I memory I have this year, and a hurdle we’ve overcome in our lives.

Follow along and make memories.


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