Going go karting.

In some ways, I feel like this is an ode to go karts. My inner child absolutely adores them, but growing up, the activity was rather cost-prohibitive, so I rarely got to enjoy go karting.

That’s why it was so easy to add this to my Memory List. There isn’t much else in this world that makes Little Mindy do a happy dance quite so easily. Go karting is a real-life video game! And it’s so much safer (and legal) than street racing my Toyota Corolla.

I spent a considerable amount of time playing car racing video games as a kid: Rad Racer on the original Nintendo was the first; playing Sega’s Cruisin’ USA at arcades was always fun with its jumps and wipeouts; Need for Speed entertained me through high school; and Grand Theft Auto was shockingly addictive, despite how abhorrent I found the acts I committed in the game.

I still find go karting quite expensive, so it’s not an activity I treat myself to all too often. But when a local place offers a Ladies Night special every Friday, where each race is only $10, that’s a bit easier to justify.

I found a friend brave enough to join me, and we arrived, ready to drive! Unfortunately (or in hindsight, perhaps thankfully), we learned that the place was closing for a private function and we’d only have time for one 16-lap race.

One race was definitely enough for my friend’s first foray into the world of go karting, but it was just enough to whet my appetite to go again. So, this memory has been accomplished, but both my inner child and Big Mindy are excited to put the pedal to the metal (but still brake strategically) and let loose on the track again. Who wants to join me next time?

Follow along and make memories.


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