Bloganuary: Jan. 7, 2022

For the month of January, I’m participating in Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge.

Today’s prompt:

What makes you laugh?

In order to answer this question, I feel the need to time travel. Travel back to a time when I didn’t feel the looming dark cloud that has been hanging over me of late.

Since Christmas, I’ve been battling a strong case of homesickness. Since New Year’s, I’ve had to let go of a dream I had been entertaining for months. And just yesterday, I learned that my clown friend with cancer, Helen, passed away.

Crying seems to be my default physical response to emotions. Laughter feels out of reach, at least for right now.

So, I’ll make a withdrawal from my memory bank to recall the things that make me laugh…

  • Toilet humor, and anything fart-related.
  • A pun, that’s so bad it’s good.
  • When someone makes the same witty remark I have in my head, a split second before I’m able to say it aloud.
  • A conversation with my brother; it doesn’t matter what it’s about, we’re destined to have a good laugh at least once.
  • Watching people trip or slip, but recover in time so as not to fall and/or hurt themselves.

So, dear reader, I make this an open call to you. Perhaps it’s even a request. If you have a pun or a joke you’d like to share, especially if it makes you groan, I’ll be grateful if you leave it in the comments ❤

Follow along and make memories.


4 thoughts on “Bloganuary: Jan. 7, 2022

  1. It’s so “funny” because every time I remember seeing you in the GMs you were laughing and it was contagious. I hope you find comfort and reasons to laugh again soon. For the moment, sending a virtual hug, because we can’t laugh all the time and it’s ok. :hugs: And so sorry for your loss 😦

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  2. This isn’t a pun, but does fall into the “Watching people trip or slip, but recover in time so as not to fall and/or hurt themselves” category. I was still living in San Francisco, and had a lunch date with a fellow I was quite fond of. We went to a dive-y seafood place downtown for lunch. I had decked myself out in a spiffy dress and kitten heels. Very thin, narrow, tiny, kitten heels. As he was walking me back to my office after lunch, I accidentally stepped into a grate in the sidewalk. My heel caught, and as I tried to step forward, I completely face planted, my shoe still in the grate, my body prone on the ground. There were audible, “Oooofs!” from all around (it was just after lunch in the Financial District and it was busy). The funniest part was he was shocked, and kind of muttered, “Ummm, you, um, your shoe, um, it’s not on your foot…”

    I still avoid grates to this day.

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