Bloganuary: Jan. 23, 2022

For the month of January, I’m participating in Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge.

Today’s prompt:

Interview a fictional character.

I had to sit with prompt for a bit. Having never been a big reader, I don’t feel I know a fictional literary character well enough to interview him or her. But maybe there’s a movie…

Mindy:Nice to meet you, Mr. Dufresne.
Andy:It’s a pleasure having you here. How do you like the place?
Mindy:Oh! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I can see your vision of it gave you hope during your darkest days.
Mindy:Your boat doesn’t look outfitted for deep sea fishing any more. What are you up?
Andy:Red’s great-niece, Jenna, joined us twelve years ago, and she’s now our boat captain. She’s the one who changed our business model. We offer the best dolphin and whale watching tours in Zihuatanejo! I’ll ask her to take you out on one.
Mindy:Just load me up on anti-nauseants, first, and I should be good.
Andy:Oh, the water’s calm here. You won’t get seasick.
Mindy:Well then, yes! Sign me up! So, you’re officially retired now?
Andy:I guess I have been for the past 20 years or so. But, the work down here never truly felt like work. I put in my time, more than most men. And, being my age, my time is coming to an end.
Mindy:You put in much more time. More than anyone else I know.
Andy:It puts one’s life into perspective. Aging forces you to consider your mortality.
Mindy:In many ways, I always see you as immortal. Your character is, at least.
Andy:Very true. The redemption of the innocent. Good triumphing over Evil.
Mindy:Have you ever considered the legacy you’re leaving?
Andy:I see it every time I look at Jenna, and I can see her smile in wonderment at this beautiful life ahead of her. She’s the legacy now, and I love knowing that I played a role in helping her achieve it.
Mindy:Good has definitely won here! Thank you for your time and hospitality.
Andy:You’re very welcome. And you’re welcome here any time.

Follow along and make memories.


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