Bloganuary: Jan. 26, 2022

For the month of January, I’m participating in Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge.

Today’s prompt:

What is your favorite part about yourself?

Superficially, it’s my arms. Yesterday’s prompt was about what makes me feel strong, and I really like having strong arms. And it doesn’t matter that I’m not great at arm wrestling. I just like my arms, especially now that I have them painted with tattoos.

Ok, that’s enough of that. I like to dive deeper with these questions.

My favorite part about myself is how easily I care about others. I don’t feel like I’ve put up walls around my heart, afraid of being hurt, and that allows an effortless flow of caring. I basically have my own Care Bear stare.

And in no way does this mean I’m immune to the pain of heartbreak. It’s just that the grief that goes along with it is not something that gets in the way of me continuing to care. The world needs more compassion and love, not less. So, it’s lovely that this part of me is so easily shareable.

One of the ways this caring manifests in the real world, outside of my head and heart, is in the form of a figurative Rolodex™. If someone important to me says something, even in passing and even with the slightest importance, my brain has this magical way of storing that information, without me having to do anything in particular to ensure its safe storage.

It could be a doctor’s appointment, or a birthday, or an ingredient that needs to be picked up for a recipe, or the arrival time of a flight. If you say it out loud around me, my little brain minions write it down on a cue card and add it to the Rolodex™.

The weirdest part, and the part that, admittedly may seem super creepy if you don’t me, is when one of those minions alert me about what’s written on a particular card for someone, out of the blue. Then it leads to some apparently random texts, sometimes weeks after things were mentioned in passing: “Hey! I think you said you were doing an escape room tonight. Did you get out in time?” or “Did you need me to pick up lentils for the dish you’re making, or have you already got them?” or “Good luck on your math test!”

I promise, I’m just as surprised as you are that I’m able to recall these details. It just happens. And I think it’s incredible, because it helps me a) stay in touch and b) show how much I care.

Follow along and make memories.

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