Bloganuary 1, 2023: What is something you want to achieve this year?

As I just explained in my last post, I rarely seemed to have enough time to focus on my blog in 2022. The days just so often got away from me. So, in some respects, Bloganuary has come around at the perfect time. I will do my best to answer each daily prompt, and hopefully, make writing part of my routine again.

Today’s prompt:

What is something you want to achieve this year?

Obviously, blogging more regularly is a priority. I’ve already updated My Memory List, and so I have plenty of new memories I’m looking forward to having. Additionally, though, I really want to focus once more on my health.

Over the past few months, frequent injuries and an abundance of desserts have impacted my waistline, and it has felt like I’ve lost the control I once had. My plan is to work with a personal trainer once a week for a few months to get strong enough in a safe way to be able to rejoin the more challenging group classes.

I’d also like to read more. That bar is set really low, though, because I’m not a big reader at all.

Happy New Year, friends! Here’s hoping we all have a fantastic 2023!


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