Doing absolutely nothing on the first day of my sabbatical.

Before I go any further with this memory, I need to edit it: Doing absolutely nothing that I don’t want to do on the first day of my sabbatical.

That makes me feel better. Because, in my journey to find myself and to discover the things that I like, I realize that doing nothing actually isn’t something I enjoy.

Honestly, what would nothing even look like? My first thought is being a couch potato and watching TV all day. I could enjoy that for a few hours, maybe. But then I’d get bored.

Maybe it’s sleeping in. But I’m a morning person, and really enjoy my sunrise walks with the peacocks and among the old oak trees. Maybe it’s the Nothing from the movie, The Neverending Story? OMG – I gotta add watching that again to my Memory List!

This sabbatical, just like the past few months, is all about me doing the things that I want to do. Of course, there are things that I have to do, but even in that, I manage to find a pride in doing chores, because it’s for me.

So, on the very first day of my sabbatical, I actually did a whole lot more than nothing. I went for 2-hour walk, listening to music. I finished up the painting of a truly transformed kitchen. I did a load of laundry. I played softball and had two great hits, including a double! I watched a mix of news and sports on television. I sang a bunch of YouTube karaoke. I did some therapy homework, because as a person who’s always linked my purpose in life to being productive at work, I need to figure out how to uncouple that, or else these next three months could actually end up being rather stressful.

I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. And that felt great! Many people have asked me what I’m planning to do during my sabbatical, and honestly, I don’t yet know. I plan to approach each day with a state-of-being mantra:

I choose gratitude, curiosity, and to enjoy living in the unknown. I will welcome day’s possibilities, and will remain active and engaged. What contribution can I make today?

With that mindset, and my Memory List as a roadmap, I’m looking forward to what I’ll do. And it certainly won’t be nothing.

Follow along and make memories.


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