Bloganuary 15, 2023: What fear have you conquered?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: What fear have you conquered? Since it’s so fresh in my mind because I touched on it yesterday, I wish I could answer that I’ve overcome my fear of flying. Sadly, I’m not there yet. What I have conquered, though, is my fear of being alone. Of being single. I was terrifiedContinue reading “Bloganuary 15, 2023: What fear have you conquered?”

Bloganuary 10, 2023: Has a book changed your life?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: Has a book changed your life? Oh, goodness, yes! After I left my marriage in June of 2020, my career coach casually mentioned Glennon Doyle’s book, “Untamed.” She thought it would help me on my journey to discover me. She was right. The book highlights how common and widespread it is forContinue reading “Bloganuary 10, 2023: Has a book changed your life?”

Bloganuary 3, 2023: What is the earliest memory you have?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: What is the earliest memory you have? Am I the only one that has trouble plotting memories on a timeline? I have flashes of things from my past that play like an old-school projector in my mind, but I’m never confident I know when they happened. My only clue is the setting.Continue reading “Bloganuary 3, 2023: What is the earliest memory you have?”

Getting my daily steps each day for a full year.

Wow. A whole year. This is a memory I added to the list early in the Spring, months after I initially compiled it, when it dawned on me that not only could I actually be able to accomplish such a feat (ha! who doesn’t like a good homophone?!), but it was also something that IContinue reading “Getting my daily steps each day for a full year.”

Getting my heart broken.

Ok, first off, let me clarify something. This was not a memory I wanted. I didn’t intentionally add this to my Memory List. This memory sucks. But as of today, it’s a memory that I have. I consider it a shitty, bonus memory. Last year, writing on this blog was cathartic for me. I usedContinue reading “Getting my heart broken.”

Making a new friend.

Looking at the last half of 2020, one of the thoughts that consistently crosses my mind is how unbelievably lonely I was. Deciding to leave my marriage – and my best friend – and coupled with a political season that led to a loss of friendships, I spent the majority of the pandemic alone. AndContinue reading “Making a new friend.”