Singing karaoke with friends.

This is a memory that’s been on my list since last year. Singing karaoke brings me so much joy, and having COVID-19 steal this activity hurt more than most. Of course, I’ve tried to make the best of the whole pandemic situation by finding karaoke songs on YouTube and belting those out during work breaks.

But, something big was missing: friends.

Sure, Toby would sometimes come into the office to be my audience, but he never seemed to appreciate my singing as much as my friends. Even my neighbors didn’t seem to care. They’ve yet to ask for my autograph, at least.

I needed a good memory. My heart is still broken, and I needed something to help me feel happiness again. I was hopeful that planning a karaoke night would do just that.

For over a year, I’ve dreamed about going out to a bar, getting up on stage, and singing into a microphone. Maybe that’s on the horizon now, with more and more folks getting vaccinated. In the meantime, though, I found a solid workaround.

First, I purchased Apple TV to allow me to AirPlay what’s on my device to the big screen, with big sound. That was the minimum I needed, but it wasn’t where I stopped. I also bought microphone. And with that, I obviously needed a speaker to plug it into.

A brave friend of mine came over, and we gave the whole setup a good test. It passed, brilliantly! And now, I just want to do it again. I question whether I even need to go out for karaoke, as I’ve successfully brought karaoke to me.

Who am I kidding?! I still can’t wait to go out and public and sing! Memory achieved 🙂

Follow along and make memories.


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