Attending a music festival or concert.

I had recently discovered Brett Dennen, a singer songwriter whose unique voice, heartfelt lyrics, and beautiful guitar melodies captivate me. I saw that he would be a performing at the Moon Crush music festival last October, and I wanted to go.

But more than simply going, I wanted to go with someone in particular: Amy. She was, after all, the person who introduced me to Dennen’s music. She was ecstatic at the possibility of going together, enjoying incredible musical acts and spending a 4-day vacation on the beach. And, privately, I was hoping that the trip would be the impetus to kickstart a romantic relationship with her.

Alas, the Universe had other plans. The Delta wave of COVID was hitting the US hard during the late summer months, which led to the festival’s organizers to postpone the event until Spring. Although a few of the artists I was looking forward to seeing weren’t able to reschedule, luckily Brett Dennen was still on the lineup.

Now it was a waiting game. Would the threat of the pandemic be behind us come April? Would Amy and I still be friends, or heck, maybe more at that point? I knew exercising patience for 6 months would be incredibly challenging, and I was right. It sucked.

The festival shone like a lighthouse on our calendars. Both Amy and I looked forward to it so much. I’m not sure she saw it as such a monumental milestone in our relationship as I did, but each time I daydreamed about the festival, I knew it would be a defining weekend for us. What definition, exactly, remained to be seen.

Despite Omicron’s surge in the weeks prior, we were finally able to go on our 7-hour road trip to Miramar Beach, Florida. And, most importantly, we were going together. Officially.

It was an incredible long weekend. Words simply can’t do it justice. The view from our rented condo was fantastic. The music was wonderful – Brett Dennen, Brandi Carlile, and JJ Grey & Mofro were my favorite acts. Though, it was spending so much time together with Amy that was the highlight of the festival for me.

And this was the biggest music festival I had ever attended. It lit a fire under me, and I’m already checking out lineups of other festivals. Next, I want to go to a festival where we set up tents and camp at the venue close to the stage(s). Moon Crush was clearly more geared towards those looking for a more glamorous experience, which was lovely, but for my next festival, I want a more rustic, intimate option. I don’t know where it will be, but that will be on my Memory List for next year!

Follow along and make memories.


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