Attending a Superbowl party.

Like many of the memories on my list, this one was severely threatened by the pandemic. And, honestly, up until an hour before kickoff, I didn’t have any plans for a Superbowl “party”, other than watching it with Toby on the couch.

I had received some news earlier in the day that weighed heavily on my heart. I didn’t feel like being social, so I was actually relieved that I hadn’t committed myself to any plans with others. I had accepted that this would be a memory I didn’t accomplish this year.

And then I got a text from my new friends in the condo unit upstairs, inviting me to watch the game with them. And, of course, Toby was invited, too.

Honestly, the last thing I felt like doing was to go and hang out with other humans. I was sad, and didn’t want to be that with them. However, something I’ve learned about sadness and/or depression, is that sometimes, the quickest way to start feeling better is to do the exact opposite of what I’m feeling.

So I leashed up Toby, and we went upstairs.

Despite us all living in the Tampa area, none of us are die-hard Bucs fans. The Superbowl was on, but it wasn’t the main focus. We laughed at the odd commercials we saw, criticized the half-time show and compared it to ones from years past, and just kept tabs on the score of the game. The big entertainment of the evening was watching the dogs interact with each other.

It was nice to see the Bucs win. I’m happy for all my friends in Tampa who got to revel in their latest championship during this pandemic. But, most of all, I’m grateful for new friends who are there for me, even when I’m struggling. This was the exact type of Superbowl party I could handle.

Follow along and make memories.


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