Bloganuary 15, 2023: What fear have you conquered?

For the month of January, I’m participating in Bloganuary, a daily blogging challenge.

Today’s Bloganuary prompt:

What fear have you conquered?

Since it’s so fresh in my mind because I touched on it yesterday, I wish I could answer that I’ve overcome my fear of flying. Sadly, I’m not there yet.

What I have conquered, though, is my fear of being alone. Of being single. I was terrified to leave my marriage. I didn’t know how to define myself outside the presence of my ex. I was afraid to be on my own, and not like who I was.

I spent a solid 6 months after my marriage, using Covid as an excuse to isolate. It was the saddest, most challenging, and loneliest time of my life. I hated it. And I knew it was good for me.

I was able to focus solely on me. I found the things that brought me joy, as well as the things that didn’t (skydiving and mohawks are not for me). In that half year, I found myself. And the best part, was that I discovered I like who I am.

It took many years, and a lot of therapy, to conquer this fear. It was, without a doubt, so incredibly worth it.

Follow along and make memories.


2 thoughts on “Bloganuary 15, 2023: What fear have you conquered?

  1. Well done on being brave and following you truth. Single gets to be quite enjoyable. I like not having to think about other people when it comes to myself, and now that my kids are grown, I mostly don’t (in a nice way) ☺️

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