Bloganuary 19, 2023: What color describes your personality?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: What color describes your personality? I’m extroverted, energetic, and determined, so maybe Red describes me. Then again, I’m also optimistic, warm, and open-minded. That would make my personailty Orange. I’ve also seen myself as more of a Yellow person: friendly, cheerful, communicative. But maybe that’s because yellow is my favorite color. GreenContinue reading “Bloganuary 19, 2023: What color describes your personality?”

Coloring using pencil crayons.

I remember participating in coloring contests as a kid. Crayola crayons were my go-to tools back then, outlining color sections darker and shading the respective inner sections as evenly as possible. Although I was never crowned a winner in one of those contests, I loved how colorful my pieces looked and how much I enjoyedContinue reading “Coloring using pencil crayons.”

Painting the apartment.

I’m sure there are folks who believe that a brownish beige color looks good on walls. I am not one of those people. I prefer livelier colors. I want to feel more invigorated when I’m in a room, and brown hues have the opposite effect; the drabness seems to suck the energy from me. ThisContinue reading “Painting the apartment.”

Getting new bathroom towels and a shower curtain.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in turning the page to this new chapter of my life, is that it helps to claim ownership of things. This is true of my new cookware, my new wireless earbuds, and my health. Discovering my decorating style and claiming the bathroom space as my own –Continue reading “Getting new bathroom towels and a shower curtain.”