Cooking with new pots and pans.

It’s been almost 3 months to the day that I moved into my new place, but I certainly haven’t waited this long to cook for myself. One of the first online orders I placed was for new cookware.

Cooking is therapeutic for me. Not only is it a mindful experience, but I also put a lot of loving energy into the food that I prepare. And since I’m now frequently the only recipient of these dishes, the love I put into the meal comes back to me, nourishing both my belly and my soul.

Although I moved into an apartment with a friend, who already had pots, pans, dishes, utensils, etc., getting my own was important for me. First off, I wanted to make sure they were vegan from the start. But also, I wanted them to be mine.

I started this blog after I received all my new kitchen items, so the first few meals weren’t documented in photos. But, believe me when I tell you that the roasted vegetable lasagna with almond ricotta was delicious. So, too, was the Mediterranean pasta salad. I also made an incredible burger, with a ton of toppings, on a pretzel bun.

Once I knew this memory was going to be a blog post, I started taking pictures of some of my fancier meals. I made a challah bread and turned it into French toast, which I wrote about already. More recently, though, my favorite dishes to date have been seitan ribz with roasted sweet potatoes, and General Tso’s tofu.

Sheesh! Looking at the photos, I’m reminded that I eat broccoli a lot. Well, I like it, and it’s got good protein, and it always brightens up the plate. But, I’ll try to vary up my vegetable intake. Good thing I’ve got all the cookware I’ll need! I wonder what will be next…

Follow along and make memories.


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